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Commandeur M.A.M., F.J.A. Casabianca, & R. Le Guen (2008).Farming styles and cooperatives disputes of swine farmers under economic pressure in southern France (10 pp). 8th IFSA Symposium, Workshop 2, 6-9 June 2008 Clermont Ferrand, France. http://ifsa.boku.ac.at/cms/fileadmin/Proceeding2008/2008_WS2_10_Commandeur.pdf

Commandeur M.A.M., F.J.A. Casabianca, & A.G.T.M. Bruins (2007). Pig farmers and multifunctionality of landscape in Midi Pyrenees: Vanish sneakily for the right to stay in business? (19 pp). XXII ESRS Congress 20-24 August 2007, WG 1, Wageningen, Netherlands, and 58th EAAP Annual Meeting, S13, 26-29 August 2007, Dublin, Ireland http://www.eaap.org/Previous_Annual_Meetings/2007Dublin/Papers/S31_03_Commandeur.pdf

Commandeur M.A.M., & F.J.A. Casabianca (2007). Styles d’élevage et avenir de l’élevage porcin en Midi Pyrénées. JRP 39, 205-206, Paris, France

Commandeur M.A.M. (2003). Styles of Pig Farming. A Techno-Sociological Inquiry of Processes and Constructions in Twente and The Achterhoek. Thesis, Wageningen University (400 pp).
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